The Best Way To Get Into A Deeply Fulfilling Relationship

So you’re single and you want to get into a relationship? Well you had better be willing to do the thing necessary so that you can get into a relationship. But more importantly, a healthy and fulfilling relationship. But how do you do this? What do you have to do to find yourself with your ideal partner? Well that is what I will be covering in this short post. So grab a coffee and get stuck into it…

Have you ever heard the expression that “opposites attract”? Well it’s actually the other way around. Like attracts like. So if you want to be with someone who is a certain way, it’s more easier to attract that person into your life if you are that way first. As a superficial example of this. If you are overweight and you want someone who is stick thin and fit to be your partner, then it will be much easier to attract this person into your life if you are thin and healthy yourself.

The same can be said for personal qualities like “motivation” or “optimism”. It’s much easier to get someone who is like this if you are that type of person also. And if you are not, then this is a great opportunity to develop that trait yourself. You are not born with personality traits. You learn and develop them over time. And even if you are older, you can still teach an old dog new tricks or in this case, personality traits.

So the rule is, if you want someone to be a certain way and attract that person into your life, then “go there first” or “become that person first”. This is something that Christian Hudson of the Girlfriend Activation System talks about. Now even though this is a course for men only, women can get a lot of value from this insight of “going there first”.

This is probably one of the most profound things that I have ever learned about in regards to getting into a healthy relationship and one that is fulfilling on all levels. But once you actually are in a relationship, you need to start developing “relationship” characteristics together. Things such as trust, respect, passion, and growth. If you can focus on these “higher” characteristics and share the development of them between the two of you, then you will have an amazing relationship that hopefully will stand the test of time.


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